Faces of Refugees and Migrants, Fleeing Conflicts

Place: Moria camp / Kara Tepe camp / Mytilini / Molivos, Lesvos island, GREECE 

Date: January 1 - 6 /  July 9 - 14, 2016

Lesvos, after EU-Turkey Agreement 

Place: Moria camp / Kara Tepe camp, Lesvos island, GREECE

Date: July 9 - 14, 2016

This was the second time to cover Lesvos island since January 2016, where a lot of refugees and migrants arrive from Turkey by boat illegally. On April 2016, EU-Turkey agreement which forcibly deports people coming to Greece illegally to Turkey was made. Because of the agreement, the number of people coming to Greece is decreasing rapidly. However thousands of people are still living in this island and a few number of people come from Turkey illegally. People who arrive this island manage to apply for permission to stay, and wait it for a long time while they live in camps which government and organizations manage. They have a plenty of time to do nothing and spend the time by swimming and fishing at the nearest beach from the camp everyday. Many of them are waiting the permission over 4 months under the uncertain condition.

Lesvos, Hot Spot of Refugee Crisis in Europe

Place: Moria camp / Kara Tepe camp / Mytilini / Molivos, Lesvos island, GREECE 

Date: January 1 - 6, 2016 

Lesvos is one of Greek islands close to Turkey, where a large number of refugees and migrants arrive, who flee to EU because of issues related to the Syrian conflict. People arrive Greek islands by coming across the Aegean sea by boat of smuggler from Turkey. There is no end that people come across the cold sea, even though it is cold winter. A lot of volunteers and NGO staffs work in the refugee camp 24 hours a day, which was transit camp established in this island. People who came from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Libya, Algeria and any other countries live in the camp until they get  permission to stay. After they get the permission, they leave this island toward Athens or elsewhere by ferry. Many of them tend to go to German, which is a country accepting refugees and migrants positively.