Okinawa and American Military Bases

Place: Henoko, Nago-shi / Takae, Higashi-son, Okinawa-ken, JAPAN

Date: June 25 - 26, 2014

There are a lot of American military bases in Okinawa, its rate is 70% in the land which is 1% of whole Japan. Because of the military bases, problems have been happening between the residents and the militaries. Against it, civil movements have been on going for many years at any places in Okinawa. In Henoko, Nago-city where is beside the sea, there has been a protest against replacement of American military base from Futenma, Ginowan-city. The sit-down movement to prevent expanding the military base and destroying the maritime resources has been over 3700 days. In addition, in Takae, Kunigami-district where is surrounded by native forest, there is Camp Gonsalves; the American military training field, and the construction of 6 military helipad is progressing. Therefore people who are not only residents but also people from outside of Okinawa have been doing the sit-down movement against it at the planned construction sites in order to protect nature and residents' lives.

Okinawa Peace Memorial Day

Place: Mabuni, Itoman-shi, Okinawa-ken, JAPAN  

Date: June 22 - 23, 2014 

June 23rd In 1945, the battle of Okinawa was finished in Japan. This was the battle which was to delay the homeland defense war as sacrifice. During the battle, a lot of people were mobilized and died, who were not only soldiers but also civilians and students, in the end, over 200,000 people died because of it. After that, memorial ceremony is held in Mabuni, Itoman-city on the same date when the battle finished every year. Many people who are bereaved families and from all over the country visit to pray for repose of souls of victims and lasting peace. There are also people who demonstrate against the problems of American military bases in Okinawa. The battle of Okinawa remains even now in a different way.